Writing Challenge — “A Kid, Aged 20-something”

Because I’m bad at consistently motivating myself to put pen to paper, I’ve decided to challenge myself to set aside a half hour or so every day I can to write as much as I can, then set it aside and not touch it again.

I’m learning to live with imperfection because, by definition, creativity is imperfect.

written June 10, 2020

“A Kid, Aged 20-something”

When I was young I wanted nothing more than to be old.

“Act like a kid and we’ll treat you like one.”

An admonition,

Aged 15.

I acted grown-up,

I talked grown-up,

I ate at the grown-up table.

“You’re so mature for your age.”

An observation,

Aged 12.

I learned how to blend in with the parents,

            Not the kids,

To talk shop, talk down,

Instruct the children to behave.

“Act your age.”

A command,

Aged 10.

Always a teacher’s delight,

A do-gooder,

A tattle-taler,

A sit-alone-at-lunch-to-read kid.

            A kid.

How was I supposed to act?

And now that I’m old,


I want nothing more

Than to have that kid back.

A desperate wish,

Aged 20-something.

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