Writing Challenge — “Shout, and Keep Shouting”

Because I’m bad at consistently motivating myself to put pen to paper, I’ve decided to challenge myself to set aside a half hour or so every day I can to write as much as I can, then set it aside and not touch it again.

I’m learning to live with imperfection because, by definition, creativity is imperfect.

written June 22, 2020

“Shout, and Keep Shouting”

This is bigger than you and me.

A voice, a hung head.

The reply,

I’m sure you think that.


We’re just two people, we can’t change-

That’s everything.

We two, we few,

The right formula.

How are you planning to do that?

Ride up to the castle on your high horse,

Demand the leaders grow a conscience?

Chin thrust high,

We with our bellies to the ground,

We who see the truth,

We can see the light.

Who else can understand?

They won’t listen.

We’ll make them.

We shout, and keep shouting.

And they retreat to their ivory towers-

But can’t ignore us forever.

And when they attack you?

Gas you?

Beat you?

Keep shouting through the choking tears.

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