Indiana History Video Project

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I’m constantly looking for ways to tell stories in new ways, especially those stories that aren’t frequently told. This project will take the form of 5 episodes, 10-15 mins. each, in which I travel around my home state of Indiana and highlight some of the historic stories that have been forgotten or ignored.

Episode 1, Lewis and Clark: The first episode looks at the duo’s trek through Indiana, a leg recently added to the cross-country Lewis & Clark Trail, and examines the inherent colonialism to ‘Manifest Destiny’ and the westward push.

Episode 2, Tippecanoe: The second episode examines the lore around the Battle of Tippecanoe, how we remember influential leaders from the battle–including Tecumseh, and Indiana’s role in the Indian Wars.

Episode 3, the Big Iron: The third episode examines my bread and butter: the railroad. It looks into how the railroad shaped the Midwest, and Indiana especially, creating and destroying towns as it went.

Episode 4, the Fall Creek Massacre: The fourth episode examines a topic still painfully relevant today: as police brutality and racially-motivated violence still occupy our minds and headlines nationwide, we take a look back at an episode from mid-19th century Indiana, to see what happened, how the tragedy was covered, and what effect it had.

Episode 5, Operation Skywatch: The fifth and final episode of the Indiana history series looks at the manifestation of Cold War paranoia in the Midwest, from fallout shelters to the Russian Bomber Watchtower in West Lafayette, and how fear and confusion still rule much of our political and social trends today.

Tentative Publication Projection: Summer/Fall 2021

I’m in the researching and writing phase now (due to finish Winter 2020), but the traveling/location filming will need to wait until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

Money raised will go to travel expenses, research materials, and editing software.