“Uncertainty Rising”: Article, Podcast

An investigation into the global rise of nationalism. Created for WIUX News (Bloomington, IN) in April 2018.

“Resizing Beauty Standards”

A piece on college students tackling the lack of plus-size representation in the fashion industry. Written for Inside Magazine (Bloomington, IN) in February 2016.

“E. Vess, Correspondent”

An episodic story set in the “MASH” universe. Published on Archive of Our Own in June-July 2020.

“A Kid, Aged 20-Something”

A poem about regret, fear, and growing older. Published June 2020.

“A Trip to Angel Mounds”

A retrospective look at the history of the Angel Mounds State Historic Site, and its ties to the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology (Bloomington, IN). Written for the Glenn Black Lab in March 2017.

“IU Obscure: Paper Conservation in Bloomington”

Part of a series investigating hidden facets of IU-Bloomington’s campus, this short article looks at preserving and repairing paper-based artifacts. Written for The Tab IU (Bloomington, IN) in March 2016.

“Gladdis (Gladys? Gladis?)”

A chance encounter on a Bloomington street corner that left me with more questions with answers. Written April 2017.

“The Fisherman’s Centennial”

A short story in which a man reflects on his life. Published in Ryder Magazine (Bloomington, IN) in July 2016.